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Divin' Dawgs Scuba is your source for Gas Services.  Whether you need air, nitrox or custom O2 fills up to 100%, Heliox or Trimix, our state of the art fill station is ready for you.



Tank Fill Pricing


Single Air Fills:
</=100 cu ft   $8.00 each
>100 cu ft  $9.00 each

Nitrox fills
EANx 36%     $.15 per cu ft
Custom Blends up to 40%  $.25 per cu ft
40.1% up to 100% $.50/per cu ft

O2 Fills:
up to 100%  $.50/cu ft

Tech Gas
Heliox: Market Price
Trimix: Market Price

Paintball hi pressure air fills: $15.00 each