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Rental Dive Equipment

Are you a new diver and don't own your gear?  Are you about to do a dive in which you don't have the right equipment?  Or maybe you are looking to try out some different type of equipment before you commit to buying?  What ever your reason, you need to rent some scuba diving equipment.

Here at Divin' Dawgs Scuba, we offer a wide selection of well maintained dive equipment for both recreational and technical diving.




Equipment Rental Services & Prices


Dive Rental Item Price weekend rental (3 days)
BCD Rental   $30.00 + $10.00 extra per day
Tank Rental (AL 80) $13.00 + $5.00 extra per day
Regulator Rental  $30.00 + $15.00 extra per day
Wetsuit Rental  $15.00
Hood Rental $5.00 
Hooded Vest Rental $8.00
Weight Belt Rental  $10.00 (Free if rented with package) 
Weight Pouch Rental  $10.00 (Free if rented with package)
Wrist Computer Rental $25.00
Light Rental  $10.00
Mask, Fins Snorkel Kit Rental  $18.00 
Mask and Snorkel Rental   $10.00 
Fins Rental  $10.00 
Tank Rental – Aluminum 80 w/Air Fill $13.00 + $5.00 per additional day 
Tank Rental – Aluminum 80 w/ Nitrox(up to 36%) $18.00 + $5.00 per additional day
 Steel Tank Rental (up to 120 cuft) w/ Air fill $18.00 + $5.00 per additonal day 
Steel Tank Tank Rental (up to 120 cuft) w/ Nitrox fill (up to 36%) $20.00 + $5.00 per additonal day 


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