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Dive Rite Platinum Dealer

Thirty years after the first primary dive reel was sold, Dive Rite's pioneering spirit continues with the innovation and quality that goes into each and every product. Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting dive exploration, conservation and education, putting Dive Rite in the unique position as a leader in the worldwide technical diving marketplace.

Sherwood Platinum Dealer

For 50 years now divers around the world have counted on Sherwood equipment for dependable performance in all conditions, and this trust is something we’ll keep earning, dive after dive, for the next 50 years and beyond.

Akona Platinum Dealer

The Akona Mission: AKONA products are built for any adventure in any climate, any environment, and are uniquely designed for activities both below water and above. Engineered to be rugged, versatile and feature rich, all AKONA products are constructed for a lifetime of exploration.

Genesis Platinum Dealer

Genesis Scuba Mission: Genesis Scuba was founded specifically to design and produce only the highest quality dive products, at the most commercially competitive prices. We believe that no diver should have to sacrifice quality, style, innovation or performance for affordability. That’s why Genesis products are the most competitively priced, highest performing scuba products in the industry today.

Henderson Wetsuits

Year after year, Henderson continue to innovate the world of thermal protection by introducing such features as the Gold Core Technology, (ultra warm  skin -in wetsuit) Hyperstretch (the first ultra stretch wetsuit) Microprene (.5mm wetsuits)  Insta Dry (the first wetsuit that dried inside and out in minutes), and much more.  Today, the Henderson Sport Group today is based in Millville, NJ just a few miles from the original Henderson Boatyard where the company was established. The company brands are distributed worldwide and it remains focused on Style, Performance and Product innovation.

Neosport Wetsuits

A Henderson Wetsuit company, NeoSport offers a wide variety of thermal protection options at affordable prices.

Trident Scuba

Trident Scuba is the worlds largest supplier to retail stores and distributors of sport diving and watersports accessories. Whether you need clip, light, cut, contain, write, attract, tie, log or get someone's attention, Trident has the product you need.

A.B. Biller

The A.B. Biller speargun, built in the U.S.A. and in use all over the world, has proven itself and the foremost production speargun on today’s market. The stainless steel trigger mechanism is unsurpassed in reliability and smooth action. The high grade grooved mahogany, teak, or padauk, barrel provides pinpoint accuracy, easy underwater maneuverability due to its neutral buoyancy and absorbs 80% of the firing noise a metal gun will create. The importance of noise elimination when firing a speargun under water is a well known fact to most experienced and successful spearfishermen.


As experts specializing in underwater sports eyewear, Sea Vision® can make your prescription in single vision or bifocals in any SeaVision® mask, as well as several existing scuba dive masks. Our dive masks give you maximum field of view from edge to edge to experience the same vision underwater as on land. Unlike other companies, there is NO gluing or bonding of the lenses into the mask!

Innovative Scuba

Innovative Scuba Concepts is your source for scuba accessories.  They offer a large variety of just about anything scuba such as, gas analyzers, smart phone underwater housings, connectors, cutting tools, lights, bags, dry boxes and much more.

Faber Steel

Faber Cylinders are appreciated worldwide by those scuba divers who choose steel tanks for their aqua-lung. Faber Cylinders for scuba diving are manufactured from steel plates to ensure light tanks with the right buoyancy.  If you are already using steel tanks when diving you don't need to be convinced about the advantages of steel. Just make sure that next time you purchase a tank the FABER stamp is on it!

Faber can offer you the most comprehensive range of cylinders for Scuba Diving. Every year they produce and sell around the world 100.000 cylinders for scuba diving (out of 900.000 in total)
No other manufacturer in the world can match our capabilities and the breadth of our range.

Doc's ProPlugs

You may have heard about those "Proplug" things.  People that use them will tell you they a must if you are doing a lot of diving.  According to Doc, Doc's Proplugs do the following:

  • When fitted properly, Doc’s proplugs help divers equalize
  • Reduces “ear squeeze” caused by inability to equalize between the outer and middle ear
  • Helps prevent outer ear and inner ear infection, vertigo and thermal reaction
  • Without ear protection, 65% of scuba divers suffer from ear problems which keep them away from the sport (source: DAN)